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Manage new leads, set your budget and more all from your dashboard.

Small Jobs are Free

Jobs with a projected value of $500 or less are free.

Hey Friend,

My name is Greg, and I was painting houses just a few years ago - but now I run a successful painting business.

I wouldn't of reached this level of success had I not started working with Vetted Painters.

After working with them for a bit now, I realized what their secret is and I know exactly WHY they can produce so much work...

It's because the Vetted Painters team has a unique ability to find hidden gems!

Seriously though, it's like they can see things the rest of us can't - and you would just have to see it to believe it, but trust me it's legendary.

From the first day I started working with them, we have been overwhelmed with work.

In fact, we did well over 7 figures our first year..

Let that sink in for a minute.

The leads you'll find here... are by far the easiest leads I've had to close.


Well, the Vetted Painters team does a lot of the heavy lifting.

Every lead Vetted Painters sends us has been "warmed up" and ready to buy because they call every lead to verify their information, get detailed information for the job and makes sure it's a project I would want for my business.

Crazy right?

It's what every lead provider should be doing..

What's even more impressive is my close rate is 2X better with Vetted Painter's leads compared to any other provider..

And we could probably improve that number if we worked a bit harder..

Let me ask you a question..

Imagine the following scenario...

You're working throughout the day, then you get a text from a new lead who has been verified and prequalified using our "initial qualify script".

No more calling leads with bad phone numbers or leads who are "just looking for the cheapest price"

In fact, most of the leads are people who have completed a color consult with Vetted Painters and are ready to buy now.

And you will finally be able to sell more jobs and grow your painting business to new heights.

Think about this..

If you were able to sell twice as many jobs with half the effortwouldn’t that have a drastic impact on your business? Life? Family?...

Practically IMMEDIATELY?

Well, you’re that's the type of leads you will be getting here and you are going to love Vetted Painters service..


Unstoppable Leadflow

… Pre-qualified estimates for great painting companies...

Vetted Painters "Unstoppable Leadflow" System allows you to turn on the faucet of leads on or off as you wish and its ONLY available to members...

Here’s what you get:

HOT, Ready-to-Buy Leads who have been spoken to and pre-qualified

→ An Account Manager who will help you maximize your sales and track the ROI of the leads we provide

→ The Most Affordable and High Quality Painting Leads On The Market (lead price lock guarantee for the next 2 years - meaning our prices now is what you pay in two years)

→ And more..

And Right Now You’re Getting In At An Absolute Bargain!

Even if you only get an extra 10-40 leads per month and that’s all you get… and those leads close a little bit better than your normal rate..

Would you agree for leads that have a much higher probability to close… Paying $200 or even more would be an absolute bargain?

In fact, if you were to buy leads anywhere else you would pay close to $200 - and those are just leads generated online, without the company pre-qualifying them or anything.

So even if Vetted Painters charged $150 each estimate… I'd pay that in a flinch.

Well, check this out because this is going to be a no-brainer:

Right now, you can lock in our low pricing for $20 - $120 per lead for the next 1 year! (price based on job size and will increase this year)

What’s better? Vetted Painters only provides these leads to a maximum of 3 other painters so 4 in total…

And they only do that to keep costs down for you and provide the customer with multiple estimates (like they want).

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they also provides small job leads, 100% free.

That’s right... anything less than $500 “projected value” is free if you want them.

There is a catch though, you have to become a "Vetted Painter Member" before you can start getting these leads.

Click the button below to see if your business pre-qualifies or learn more.

No Matter Where You Are At In Your Painting Business.. These Estimates Are The Missing Ingredient.

Whether you are a 1-man show or have a large organization, Vetted Painter's leads will take your business to the next level.

The question is, will you let that happen?


Greg W.

Business Owner / Ex-Painter

P.S. I agreed to be interviewed for this letter because I know from experience the impact Vetted Painters has made on my business. I'm like you. I get all the calls of people promising me the world only to deliver crap. This isn't that. Try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

Best investment I've made for my business. We get 10-20 leads a month and the subcontractors they've sent us have been solid.

- Jared Lee

About the Founder

Michael is an Entrepreneur and Growth Specialist based in Denver, CO who understands first-hand what it takes to win online.

Key accomplishments:

  • Built 7+ figure painting business from the ground up in less than 2 years
  • Designed, strategized, recruited and managed sales and marketing division for a tech startup to $5M+ revenue in less than 1 year
  • Consulted with hundreds of small business owners, tech startups and enterprise-level companies on SEO, Content Marketing and Paid Advertising campaigns with verifiable results.

Michael treats marketing like an "experiment", always testing new strategies, tactics and channels so you can have an advantage over your competitors that isn't even close.

He's learned these skills from his own experiences and from some well-known Growth Hackers such as Sean Ellis (reason why DropBox exploded), Noah Kagan (SumoMe), Neil Patel and many others.

Michael Joseph portrait photo in lobby

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We take the quality of our contractor network very seriously. Painting contractors in our network MUST meet these minimum requirements to be considered for membership:

  1. Pass criminal background check
  2. Business registered and in good standing with state
  3. Proof of insurance, licensing and other state required docs
  4. 3-5 references from previous projects
  5. 3.5+ star average reviews online
  6. Strong sales and production processes
  7. Photos of work completed

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