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Interior painters who treat your home like it's their own.

Getting the inside of your house painted is personal. For days (sometimes weeks) all of your space will be invaded with painters working in your home.

Often times, we would advise people to take a few day vacation - but some people didn't feel comfortable with that.

Painting the inside of your house may sound easy, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong on an interior project vs an exterior project.

For example, painters will need to remember to shut the door behind them so they don't let the dog out or be extra cautious about not getting paint on your floor.

The list goes on and on - so it's important the painting company you hire has the proper systems in place.

They should have checklists and detailed processes each of their employees / crews follow.

These are the types of painters you will find here on We've analyzed their systems and processes before they are eligible for membership.

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