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Time to paint the exterior of your house?

Before you schedule estimates and make a decision on which painters will get the job, let me share with you a few key considerations when it comes to exterior painting:

  1. Figure out your paint colors first: most of the time people choose colors after they found the painting company they want to work with. This is fine but you are limiting yourself with color options - and that's because an estimator will write you a quote for whatever brand of paint they prefer. The problem with this is if you like a Benjamin Moore paint but you agreed to a contract for Sherwin Williams paint, it's very hard to get an exact match of the Benjamin Moore color regardless of what people tell you.
  2. Identify problem areas: often times people would have some siding, trim or fascia that needed to be replaced due to rotting or some issue. Take note of all these areas around your house so when the paint estimator shows up, they can get you an accurate quote.
  3. Decide on time of year: this may not see like a big deal, but paitining companies get really busy 3-4 months out of the year (March - August) so painting your house in that time can be a bit more expensive.
  4. Get any other exterior work done first: if you are thinking about replacing the old deck in your backyard or reframing a window, do all this work before paint. Paint should almost always be the last thing you do.

Is it better to spray or roll exteriors?

Some people prefer rolling because they think they are getting more paint on their house, which is kind of true.

Spraying the exterior, however; will leave your house with a nice smooth finish and save you quite a bit of money in labor time.

What time of exterior paint do you recommend?

For exteriors, we liked using Sherwin Williams SuperPaint or Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec if you were on a budget. These are considered mid-tier paints and do an amazing job for application and in terms of how long they last (5-10 years).

If you are looking for more of a premium option, Sherwin Williams Duration or Emerald or Benjamin Moore Aura tend to last the longest from what we've seen here in Colorado (12-15 years).

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