New Member Agreement, Lead Fees & More. Benefits

By being becoming a member of, you will enjoy:

  • Pre-Qualified Leads - we call every lead before sending them to you
  • High Value Customers - we target larger projects primarily
  • Less Competition Per Lead - we sell to a max of 3 contractors - (will max at 4)
  • Small Jobs Are Free - jobs with a projected value of $500 or less are free (example: walls only in a 12x12 room)
  • And more..

Screening Process

Once your application and this form has been completed, we will immediately review your application for membership.

The approval process takes anywhere from 3 - 7 business days to process and includes running a background check, checking the business’s reviews and credentials, and contacting 3-5 references provided.

Upon approval, you will be onboarded into our system and be immediately eligible to receive incoming leads.

Lead Process

When a homeowner submits request, we contact them immediately, pre-qualify them for the project and schedule them directly on your calendar.

To use our service, you should have a Gmail calendar that we can schedule the quotes directly on. We will provide assistance to set this up.

All of the information will be provided from the phone call and at minimu you will receive their: name, email, phone, address and notes from the call.

Because we schedule estimates directly on your calendar, part of our pitch is to reduce how many calls it takes to setup with multiple painters so reommond you only text the customer to confirm the estimate.

When a customer has been scheduled on your calendar, we will immediately charge your card for that lead.

Simple Lead Pricing

Every lead we speak with we assign a "projected lead value" based on the square footage and scope of work.

What this means is the range we believe the job is worth. As may already know, this number could be more than the actual estimate or less than we projected.

Lead pricing:

Primary Formula For All Leads Except Cabinet Painting

  • 145+ Square Feet = (SF x .05) = Price Per Lead, up to $120
    • Examples:
      • 1000 SF x .05 = $50
      • 2000 SF x .05 = $100
      • 3000 SF x .05 = $150 ==> Cost $120 (not to exceed $120)

Cabinet Painting Formula:

  • ((# of doors x # of drawers) x 50) x .05 = Cabinet Painting Lead Cost
  • Examples:
    • 3 Doors, 3 Drawers = ((3 x 3) x 50) x .05 = $22.50

Free Leads (formula does not apply)

Interior Painting

  • Walls Only
    • 144 SF (12x12 room) or Smaller: Free
    • 145+ SF = Apply formula for lead cost
  • Trim Only
    • 500 SF or Smaller: Free
    • 501+ SF = Apply formula for lead cost
  • Ceiling Only
    • 500 SF or Smaller: Free
    • 501+ SF = Apply formula for lead cost
  • Walls and Trim
    • 100 SF (10x10 room) or Smaller: Free
    • 101+ SF = Apply formula for lead cost


    • Touchups only = Free
    • Shed only (10x10 or smaller) = Free
    • Siding Repair only (4 boards or less) = Free
    • Garage Door Only (2 car or less) = Free
    • Front Door Only: Free


  • Popcorn Ceiling Removal
    • 64 SF (8x8 room) or Smaller: Free
  • Fence Staining
    • 600SF (100LF of 6ft cedar fence stain) or less: Free
  • Deck Staining:
    • 144 SF (12x12) or smaller
  • Wallpaper Removal
    • 80SF of wall (10Wx8H Wall) coverage or less: Free
  • Cabinet Painting
    • 2 doors and 2 drawers or smaller: free