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Brick Staining or Brick Painting.. which is better?

Should you paint your brick or stain it? And what is the difference?

Staining brick has a lot more benefits than painting such as:

  • Stain lasts anywhere from 10-20+ years whereas a paint we usually only see 3-7 years.
  • Staining brick allows the brick to "breathe" while a paint seals the brick (no good)
  • Paint on brick tends to chip or "flake" making your next paint job more difficult to achieve a nice result

You may not be able to stain your brick though. Here are a few reason why you wouldn't be able to:

  • The brick has already been painted before so now you can only paint again
  • The brick has a clear sealer on top of the surface and now the brick is not porous

For either reason you will not be able to stain the brick.

If you can stain your brick, here is how it's applied:

How to Apply Stain to Brick

When I was running a painting company, we used to spray a good coat of H&C concrete masonry stain and had someone behind them working the stain in with a large brush. In most every case, houses would need 2-4 coats to get the stain to change the color completely.

You want to work the stain into the brick as much as possible so it absorbs into the brick and lasts longer.

What colors can you choose?

You can still choose any color from Sherwin Williams and have them tint the stain that color. Because it is stain, it will require more coats than paint especially if you are going from a red to a white.


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