Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams Color Match: Ultimate Guide

Benjamin Moore To Sherwin Williams Color Matching

Can you match Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams paint?

Short answer, not 100% accurately.

Most painting contractors will tell you that they can match the color to be exactly the same, but the truth is – paint manufactures spend tons of money making special formulas to create unique paint colors for their brand… which makes it really difficult to get an exact match.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • The best way to color match paint and where to find it
  • Things to consider before matching Benjamin Moore and Sherwin paints
  • How to color match as best as possible
  • #1 thing to avoid when matching paint colors

Let’s get started:

The best way to color match paint and where to find it

The best way (and most obvious way) to get an exact match is by having the paint color code and using the same brand of paint.

So if you possibly have the color code around the garage, it is worth looking for though. Here are few places where it might be:

  • On those old paint cans that are somewhere hidden in your garage
  • If you have an HOA and your house has never been repainted, it’s possible they have the color code for your house
  • Check all the documents from when you bought the house
  • Check old emails from you and the builder or seller
Sherwin williams paint label
Paint Color Code on Top of Old Can

Considerations Before Color Matching Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams Paints

Manual matches are inconsistent and time-consuming.

Try to match up the color manually is a difficult process with small adjustments making a huge difference in the end result.

For example, you should only mix paint in natural light since artificial lighting will alter the colors. Almost anything can have an effect of the overall result.

Most painters don’t have the time or patience to get the colors to match perfectly.

As a paint dries, the color changes.

Some paints require 24 hours to cure, even if they appear to be dry. If a painter is pressed for time, he or she may not wait long enough to verify whether the imitated sample is correct.

Spectrophotometers are only accurate 90% of the time in their color matching abilities.

A spectrophotometer, which are at most paint stores, is one option for matching paint hues. Although this tool is likely your best bet, it’s only 90% accurate with training and experience. It might take several tries to get the color right.

Paint company match records are often incorrect.

Many paint manufacturers keep a record of the colors they use for paint matches. These databases are compiled by hand or through spectrophotometer comparisons. If the operator has been properly taught, they have a 90% accuracy at best.

What colors are the most difficult to match?

White colored room with wood floors and 2 doors open into a room
White Walls, trim and doors with wood floors.

White paint colors are extremely difficult to match. Whites have a low pigment content, so even a modest variation can make a significant shift in color. White paints’ color changes are difficult to observe until they’re applied to a room.

Is it possible to replicate paint sheens between companies?

Simply stated, the answer is NO.

There is no uniform paint sheen in the United States for residential use. Benjamin Moore Eggshell and Sherwin Williams Satin are comparable products. And so on. Because of the change in reflectiveness, each sheen requires a different paint recipe. This adds to the unpredictability of your “match.”

When you tell a Sherwin Williams painter that you want to match a Benjamin Moore Satin sheen for some trim, you create a lot of confusion and a few mix-ups along the way.

How To Color Match Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams Paints

OK, so now you know what to expect and what to think about when it comes to matching colors – now it’s time to look at solutions for color coordination:

Option 1 (best): Remove a paint chip from the area you wish to match and take it to Sherwin Williams for comparison.

Paint chips spread out on a table
Paint Chips on Table

This may be your most convenient and cost-effective choice if you don’t want to use a professional color consultant.

All you need to do is find an area where you can remove a chip of paint (large than half dollar) and bring it to a Sherwin Williams store.

You can accomplish this with a knife or razor blade in an area that is easily covered.

Note: If you’re attempting to match an outside surface color, take paint samples in areas with shade since the sun causes colors to fade over time.

When you bring it to Sherwin Williams, they will utilize a Spectrophotometer to compare the color with Benjamin Moore’s hue.

Once again, this is only 90% accurate.

Option 2: Compare a color deck to the area you wish to match.

color deck fan spread out
Sherwin Williams Color Deck: Credit:

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both have “color decks” that are samples of their actual colors.

Get a Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color deck and hold up different colors next to the location you want to match.

Continue changing colors in the color deck until you achieve a near-match.

This approach is only as accurate as your eyeing ability.

Option 3: Schedule a color consultation

Paint Color Consultation

Your best bet is to consult with a professional color consultant.

A skilled expert will most likely employ a blend of these choices as well as some of their own methods to ensure that the color is reproduced as accurately as possible.

As of now, this is a service we offer for free (for U.S. homeowners only).

You can schedule your color consult here.

#1 Thing to Avoid When Color Matching

Sometimes people believe that matching colors is as simple as going online and seeing which colors are the most similar.

The problem with your phone, tablet, or computer screen is that each screen has its own set of colors, therefore the colors on them would be significantly different.

When matching paint colors, always compare against actual color chips or a fan deck. This will ensure the best results.

Final Verdict and Concluding Thoughts

Matching Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors is a more difficult process than most people are aware.

If you’re searching for a precise match, the best approach is to find the color code.

If everything else fails, you can consider one of the three methods described in this article:

  1. Bring paint chip to paint store
  2. Compare color deck to areas
  3. Schedule a color consultation

What’s you experience been like matching paint colors?

Let us know in the comments! :)


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