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Why do homeowners across the globe use VettedPainters.com?

Painters your closest friend would refer you to.

Vetted network rated high for quality, value and experience.

Private & public review system allows you tell us about your experience however you feel comfortable.

Our quality guarantee ensure that our network of painters comes back if touchups are needed.

Vetted Painters was created for you.

Hey friend - my name is Michael.

A few years ago, I built up a local painting company and I noticed quite a few issues with the industry in general. 

Have you hired professional painters before?

It’s a bit of a challenge.

Even though painting a room seems simple enough, this job requires skill and hiring just anyone can leave your house a mess.

In fact, here are just a few things I’ve seen over the years:

  1. Painters leaving your front door open only to let your dog loose
  2. Painters blaring derogatory music without any care or concern of who’s around
  3. Un-managed crews doing as they want such as smoking on your property, leaving tools all around your house or draining paint water in places they shouldn’t
  4. Spilling paint all over your driveway then cleaning it up with fuel so you can smell it for the next 8 weeks
  5. Crews needing to come back over and over again because they can’t pay close attention to detail without someone breathing down their neck

And the list goes on..

Luckily, a majority of those problems didn’t pertain to my company, we were usually the ones cleaning the mess up (we did have a couple of mess ups as well).

And I’d hear it all the time, we found this company on (insert_app_here).

Which I’m sure with every other service the app works great - but painting requires a deeper look at their business.

That’s what we do.

Beyond the general background checks, we dig deeper into our network of painters to better understand their production processes, call their references, frequently validate their insurance and verify their work, reviews and employer culture.

This works 98% of the time and we can get it close to 100% with your candid feedback after you complete a service with the painting company we recommend.

You can schedule an estimate with 3-4 of those painters in seconds here.

The second other thing we do is provide expert color advice

Every color consultation comes with Photoshop renderings of colors on your house and a 30-Minute Zoom call with a color expert.

All you need to do is schedule a color consultation, upload photos of your home and let us know what colors you are thinking and we will create mockups so you can see what it could potentially look like.

You can learn more about our color consultations here.

Beyond offering premium services for little to no-cost, we are also committed to creating high quality and useful content so you can have a go-to resource anytime you want to upgrade your home.

Our team absolutely loves color, home design and upgrades so we are going to do the best we can to pump out as much content as possible (quality over quantity)

You can check view our detailed articles and resources on our blog here.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the chat in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

We look forward to working with you and until next time.


Michael Joseph - Founder

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